Show Me The Number

Unauthorised 3rd Party Sales

We have been made aware of our service being sold via 3rd parties for an increased price.

We would like to remind all users that the only official route to purchase our service is via our website and the official cost is £5.99 per month. We only process payment by Credit/Debit card online, and all payments will show as showmethenumber on your relevant bank statement.

We do not offer to sign up customers via direct message on social media (facebook, instagram, snapchat etc), and the only way to signup is on our official website.

If we contact you, our messages will originate from the following methods:

Our email: support@showmethenumber

Our SMS support number: 07479270999

Our Blackpool Office: 01253968968

Our Finchley Office: 02036701234


We will not currently contact you via Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, or from any means not listed above.

If you have purchased our service via a means other that our website, and/or paid more than our official price of £5.99, we will not be in a position to offer direct support to you and would refer you to contact the person/seller you purchased via. – Only accounts purchased via our website will be supported directly.

Reminder: We have no official resellers of our product, anyone selling via a means other than our official website is probably attempting to scam you.