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EE Network Issues 2018

EE Network Update 2018

We still appear to have customers who have issues activating our service on the EE network. Unfortunately this is an issue with the EE network itself and not our system.

Our test phone (iPhone X, EE Contract) activates without issue, and a lot of customers report they activate on EE without issue.

Other customers report they cannot activate on their phone (usually iPhone, EE Contract) and receive a grey screen unsuccessful message). A number of these customers report calling EE on 150 and asking for a manual divert works, yet other customers are informed EE doesn’t work on our system.

Due to the ongoing issues with EE we suggest the following:

Prior to signing up for our service –

Dial **67*02035190242#

If you recieve a grey screen giving a “success” message, our service will work fine, please proceed to sign up.

If you receive a grey failure message screen, please try dialling **67*442035190242# or **67*+442035190242#

If you still receive a grey screen please ensure the following:

  • You are not connected to WiFi (wifi calling interferes with setup).
  • You have updated your network settings (Settings>General>About, see if update is available).
  • Try texting vmoff to 150, then vmon to 150

If the above still gives a grey failure message screen, your last resort is to call EE customer services on 150 (we suggest asking for technical support), and inform them that call forwarding is not working on your mobile contract.

Explain to technical support that you wish to divert your calls when you are busy (technically known as a **67* divert). EE may inform you that they dont offer this service – they do offer it, it is stated on their website, moaned about on their own forum, and written in your contract paperwork!

Should you still not get anywhere with EE customer service, we would suggest asking to speak to a technical support supervisor as technically you are paying for something you are not receiving.

Further Information

EE’s own customer support forum suggests this issue is related to EE using 2 billing platforms.


Unfortunately should the above not work and EE are unable to assist you, our service will not work.

We appreciate all comments from EE customers and potential customers with issues, please email to let us know how you get on.