Show Me The Number

How we reveal withheld calls

One question we are asked quite a lot is “How do you actually reveal withheld calls?”

In this post we are going to briefly explain how the system works.

Firstly, you receive a call from a withheld number…

This could be a call from withheld, no caller id, blocked or any other way the various mobile phones display what is ultimately a withheld number call.

You reject the call…

Next you just reject the call. This can be a red button reject, a double click top button reject on the iphone, or a blocked reject if using one of the android call filtering apps.

The call is forwarded to us…

The rejecting of the call triggers your phone to forward the call to us. We use a conditional divert setup on your mobile that is triggered by the rejecting of the call.

We unmask the call using our technology…

Once the call has been forwarded to us, our technology unmasks the call, and sends you a text with the now-unmasked number displayed in it.

You receive the text…

…and can be happy knowing who really just called you, because Show Me The Number has successfully worked.


From rejecting the call to receiving the text the process takes approx 3-5 seconds.

Welcome to our blog

Welcome to the Show Me The Number blog.

We’ll keep this blog updated with news relating to the Show Me The Number – Reveal Withheld Numbers.