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Tracing a Telephone Number

Although we unmask withheld numbers, we’re regularly asked if we can, or know a way to trace the number and find out who it belongs to. Unfortunately this isn’t a service we offer, as the laws regarding data privacy are very strict, and with the increase of numbers being recycled makes this a very difficult area.

That said there are a couple of ways to attempt to trace a telephone number that are perfectly legal, usually accurate, and can be completed within a matter of minutes.

In this blog post we’ll cover 2 of these methods, and how you can potentially trace a telephone number!


Method 1 – Google Search

Believe it or not, simply searching Google for the number can be the most effective way of tracing the number. Simply visit Google and type in the full number (with or without the spaces).

If the number is found then usually the first couple of results will be the most promising. If the first couple of results belong to one of the calling sites such as “who-called”, it is usually an indication that the number belongs to a known telemarketer, call centre or call spammer. If the first couple of results belong to an actual business website then usually that website will be the business owner connected with the telephone number.

If the number you are searching is a mobile number, you may see results such as ebay/gumtree sales listings, small ad listing, or other websites.

We usually suggest the Google search method for landline numbers.

Our Tip: Try manipulating the telephone number you search on to cover the different ways telephone numbers are often typed, for example if searching for the number 07700900123, try the following search entries:

  • 07700900123
  • “07700 900123”
  • “07700 900 123”

We suggest using the speech marks (“) symbols when using spaces as it will ensure only the full telephone number is searched.


Method 2 – Facebook

The better method for searching for tracing mobile phone numbers if Facebook.

It is little known that you can search Facebook for a telephone number using the normal search bar. If a person has an active Facebook account and signed up with their phone number, then as long as they have not selected the relevant privacy settings they can be found by a telephone number search.

Simply visit Facebook, and search for the phone number. If the phone number is registered to a live account the account result should show in the results.

Our Tip: If no results, try visiting the Facebook login page (you may need to log out), and click “Forgotten Password”. In the box that appears enter the telephone number. If the number is associated with a Facebook account you’ll see the name and profile picture appear on screen!

Support Updates

Due to the continued growth and success of Show Me The Number, we’ve recently invested in new and improved support systems.

You can now request support via the following methods:


We offer fast response via email, and can be reached at the following addresses:

Pre-Sales –

Support –


Text message support is available by sending a text message to:

07479 270 999

Live Chat

Live chat is available on our main website at – just click the icon in the bottom-left corner.


We also have a new support portal available at with a whole array of FAQ and answers to common questions.

Support Channels

We offer a number of support channels to our customers:

  • Email/Ticket Support. Simply send an email to to open a new ticket.
  • Live Chat Support via our main website – if an operator is available you’ll see a chat request in the bottom-left corner.
  • SMS/Text Message Support. Just send a text message to our chat number 07479 270 999. (Please note this number only accepts text messages and not voice calls or whatsapp).

We don’t currently offer telephone support.

Direct Debits

Direct Debit is our preferred choice for your monthly subscription.

You can easily switch to Direct Debit by completing a direct debit mandate online

In addition to been simple and easy, Direct Debit also offers you:

  • Complete control over payment – you can cancel the direct debit at any time via your own online or telephone banking.
  • Protection via your own banks Direct Debit Guarantee
  • Secure, trusted payment method used by major companies.

All direct debits are processed by our trusted partner GoCardless.


Latest Network Additions

We have now added the following networks to our supported list:

  • GiffGaff Pay As You Go
  • Three Pay As You Go

We also fully support all contract networks (with the exception of Tesco, Virgin and

If you would like clarification on whether your network is supported, please contact us.

Withheld Number Calling

Withheld number calling you?

In case you weren’t already aware our service can assist you with that exact issue!

We unmask all withheld numbers / no caller id, and send you a text with the actual number displayed!

Yes, the next time you receive a withheld number call, we’ll tell you exactly what the callers real number was!

Check out our new online demo and see it in action for yourself.

Direct Debit Payments

Due to demand we now offer payments by Direct Debit via our new relationship with GoCardless.

If you would like to switch to Direct Debit payment please contact us.

Trouble Activating?

Sometimes you may receive an error when trying to activate our service on your mobile:

Fear not, it is simple to get our service activated on your mobile by calling your network provider and asking them to activate the system on your behalf.

Simply call your network provider’s customer service, and tell them specifically:

“I want to forward my calls when busy to…….” – and state the 0330 telephone number quoted in your activation email and text message.

Job done – the next time you receive a withheld call, just reject it….we’ll then text you the real number of the caller!

Does it work?

We get asked the following types of questions all the time:

  • Does it actually work?
  • Is it a scam?
  • It’s not possible!

Well to put your mind at rest we can confirm in no uncertain times that YES – IT REALLY DOES WORK!

We can unmask No Caller ID, Withheld Number, Blocked and so on.

In simple terms when you receive a call from a withheld number, we’ll send you a text message telling you the number of the caller.


To further put your mind at rest, we’ve developed an online demo that you can try yourself!

No Caller ID

What is No Caller ID?

We are often asked if no caller id is the same as withheld number – simple answer is yes it is!

No Caller ID is just the way Apple’s iPhone displays calls from a withheld number. Luckily Show Me The Number can reveal these no caller id calls to – yes, that’s right, we unmask no caller id !