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GiffGaff Call Forwarding March 2019 Change

Due to an immediate price update by the GiffGaff Network a change has been made their call forwarding costs which will affect any GiffGaff user currently using our service.

Previously GiffGaff worked fine aslong as you had credit or an active goodybag with inclusive minutes.


This is no longer the case and you will now need credit on your GiffGaff account as all forwarded calls to the SMTN system will cost 15pence.


We apologies for this change however this is out of our control and something GiffGaff has changed on their pricing structure.


Direct Debits

Direct Debit is our preferred choice for your monthly subscription.

You can easily switch to Direct Debit by completing a direct debit mandate online

In addition to been simple and easy, Direct Debit also offers you:

  • Complete control over payment – you can cancel the direct debit at any time via your own online or telephone banking.
  • Protection via your own banks Direct Debit Guarantee
  • Secure, trusted payment method used by major companies.

All direct debits are processed by our trusted partner GoCardless.


Sim Card Deal – Launching Soon

Coming Soon – The SMTN Sim Card Option

Our new sim card option will be launching soon, which will offer the following:

  • Unlimited Minute
  • Unlimited Texts
  • Unlimited Data
  • Call Unmasking
  • No Contract (Cancel Anytime)
  • £25.99 per month

If you are interested in our new sim card option, please contact us today.


EE Network Issue

We have been made aware that due to EE currently running 2 platforms, some customers may experience an issue setting up the conditional divert on their mobile phone.

To resolve this issue EE customer service will set the divert from their end. To request this simply call EE customer service on 150, and ask them to setup a “divert when busy” to the 0330 number given in the setup text and email.

Any issues of course please do not hesitate to contact us