Show Me The Number

Introducing WhatsApp Support Channel

We are pleased to offer another support channel for our service – WhatsApp.

You can now contact us using WhatsApp message on our official WhatsApp business account.

To contact us using WhatsApp just visit the support page on our website here, and click the WhatsApp link.

GiffGaff Call Forwarding March 2019 Change

Due to an immediate price update by the GiffGaff Network a change has been made their call forwarding costs which will affect any GiffGaff user currently using our service.

Previously GiffGaff worked fine aslong as you had credit or an active goodybag with inclusive minutes.


This is no longer the case and you will now need credit on your GiffGaff account as all forwarded calls to the SMTN system will cost 15pence (deducted from GiffGaff credit).


We apologies for this change however this is out of our control and something GiffGaff has changed on their pricing structure, we are currently liasing with our network providers to offer a freephone access setup, but as of yet have no confirmed date for this.


Call Divert Codes

In this blog post we’re going to talk about the different call divert codes and how they work.

Our call unmasking service works by using a conditional call divert; this means any declined calls are diverted to the Show Me The Number network to be unmasked. This is particular divert setting is known as a “divert when busy”.

There are a few other divert settings available to supported UK networks, and here we’ll discuss those.


Divert When Busy

This is the setting we tend to use at Show Me The Number; this means any calls when you are busy will be diverted. On a mobile phone, busy means you’ve rejected or declined the call. We use this setting the most as it offers the easiest solution for handling withheld calls – you are going to decline those calls!

  • Activation Format: **67* followed by the number, followed by #. For example, to divert to the number 07700900123, you’d dial **67*07700900123#
  • Cancel Divert: ##67#
  • Check Status: *#67#


Divert Missed or Unanswered Calls

This is another divert option available, and means any missed, or unanswered calls will be diverted. Although we don’t tend to recommend this divert option for long term use (as it technically replaces your existing voicemail setup), it can be useful if you are receiving nuisance calls at times when you can’t decline the calls (at night, work etc).

  • Activation Format: **61* followed by the number, followed by #. For example, to divert to the number 07700900123, you’d dial **61*07700900123#
  • Cancel Divert: ##61#
  • Check Status: *#61#


Divert All Calls

This is the final divert option that we sometimes recommend to customers. We suggest using this if you are receiving calls that typically hang up quickly (think 1 ring nuisance calls) where you don’t have time to decline the call. We certainly don’t suggest using this setup for any long period of time as ALL calls to your mobile will be diverted thus you won’t be able to answer any calls during the time it is active. However it is ideal for catching a persistent nuisance caller, or someone who is making “one ring” calls.

  • Activation Format: **21* followed by the number, followed by #. For example, to divert to the number 07700900123, you’d dial **21*07700900123#
  • Cancel Divert: ##21#
  • Check Status: *#21#

Alternatively you can set this option from within your mobile phone menu, which will typically be under Phone > Settings/Options > Call Forwarding/Divert

Cancel All Diverts

Lastly, the only thing to mention is the divert code that will cancel all diverts – ##002#


Using The Codes

All the above codes are used simply by dialling them as you would a normal number. If the setting is successful you’ll see a “Success” or “Succeeded” message displayed on your mobile device.


Whilst we usually recommend the “Divert When Busy” setting, you may find some of the other options suitable for your needs. Please contact us if you need assistance with your particular circumstances so we can advise on the best setup for you.

Please ensure you replace the relevant number given above with your unique number provided to you at signup.

Annual Payments

Our standard service is a monthly subscription service, charged at £5.99 per month.

Due to popular demand we now offer annual payments for our service at £50 per annum.

To pay annually, please signup as normal at , and contact us to switch to annual payment.

Payment Methods

Our service is subscription based (cancel at any time) and costs just £5.99 per month.

We are completly flexible in that you can cancel at any time without cancellation fee or fuss.

Most customers choose to pay by Credit or Debit Card, however we realise this doesn’t suit everyone and therefore offer payment by Direct Debit or Standing Order.

If you wish to pay by a means other than Credit or Debit card, please just contact us and we can arrange this for you.

I don’t see a reject button on my iPhone

To unmask the call you’ll need to reject it – if the call is not rejected, it will not be forwarded into our system for unmasking.

On the iPhone you will only see the red phone icon when your iPhone is unlocked.

If your iPhone is locked, you will only see a slide to answer motion appear on screen. In this scenario double-pressing the top or side button will reject the call.

Different Call Types

Withheld number calls are frequently known by a number of different names which can often seem confusing in itself.

In this blog post we hope to clarify the types of calls our service can unmask.

Typically, a withheld call can go by a few different names, these are usually:

  • Withheld Call
  • Withheld Number
  • Private Number
  • Blocked Number
  • No Caller ID
  • Unknown Number
  • Number Unknown
  • Unknown Caller

To keep is simple we usually refer to these calls as Withheld Number Calls, but any call where no actual number is displayed on your caller ID is the same.

Can we unmask all of these?

The simple answer is YES, We Can! If the call that you receive does not have a number displayed as the caller id, we can unmask it.

Can I find out who called me before I signed up?

This is a question we get asked a lot, and unfortunately the answer is no.

Our service cannot see or unmask withheld calls that have occurred prior to you signing up and activating our service.

The chances are the caller will call back however, so activate our service now, and the next time they call we’ll unmask them for you.

We’ve answered this, and a lot more frequently asked questions in our new support site.